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Cryopen Blemish Removal Southampton

The CryoPen - Blemish Removal From Lipo360 Southampton

Cryopen Southampton - What Is it?

Are you looking to have a blemish removed and find now the doctors and NHS will no longer remove them? 

Want to help your child who is embarrassed by a wart or verrucae? 

Unsure where to go? Lipo 360 Southampton are here to help you!

Perhaps you have a skin tag on your eyelid that you want removed?

Or seborrheic keratosis removal is something you need?

CryoPen ™ is an innovative cryotherapy advancement that’s a risk-free and also brand-new remedy for the extraction of skin layer blemishes.

We always do a full consultation before the treatment and answer any question you have about the procedure.


CryoPen Southampton - Blemish Removal

CryoPen Southampton

At lipo360, we are still honest with our customers.

With some imperfections, it might take a few sessions to remove the blemish entirely.

The specialist will inform you of this on the day of the treatment.

But we also offer a discount for multiple treatments.



A Quick and Safe Way to Remove Aging Skin Imperfections

The best part about Cryopen is that it’s a gentle skin whitening solution. If you want to look good but not too perfect then this product is for you. It is also a good solution for those who want fast results without any side effects. This product was designed to whiten your skin without causing any irritation and redness.

You may need a second session of cryopen , this will be determined at the consultation.

Cryopen therapy is an advanced and fast, safe and effective solution for quick removal of sun damaged skin imperfections without the use of a laser treatment.

Methods usually take only a few seconds to remove the skin with, so you’ll be on and out of the appointment in less time than you’d expect

 An optimum of 5 lesions can be dealt with in a single session.

We can deal with millimetre precision thanks to the CryoPen, which produces a slim jet of laughing gas under high pressure. The body consequently denies the broken cells, leaving healthy and balanced cells. This damages the broken tissue by cold the intercellular fluid, generating ice fragments as well as crystals that break the cell membrane layer. It is very precise and useful without adverse effects on the healthy cells.

The process for removing surface skin imperfections is completely safe, as long as the area is clean.

It is FDA approved and safe.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call your us for further instructions. We can answer any questions you may have about the process and the cost.

Because of the relatively small area being treated, there are no incision to make and therefore no recovery time involved in this procedure. You will notice a difference right away and you can return to work quickly after the treatment. The skin will heal, with minimal scarring. If the area is large, a sclerotherapy process may be necessary to close the wound. You will experience minimal pain during the procedure and the skin should stay elastic for the rest of your life.

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